The third eye, also known as the mind’s eye, aligned with the sixth chakra, is a mystical point between your eyes that represents higher thoughts and awareness. This is the eye with which visionaries and clairvoyants see distant things. This is the eye that sees spirits, auras, and the meaning in astrology and tarot.

Most psychics who have visions don’t see things with their eyes. After all, eyes are meant to perceive light bouncing off matter, and psychic visions are pure energy. Thus, even when it appears that a psychic or reader is seeing something, they’re actually perceiving it with the third eye.

However, your mind’s eye can develop nearsightedness the less you use and it and less you try to see further than your own needs. Skeptics keep their third eye closed, which sparks a vicious cycle of disbelieve encouraged by inability to perceive, which encourages more disbelieve. A psychic, on the other hand, has a third eye that’s always open, even when they’re sleeping, even when they’re trying to focus on things that are of the material world.

The best way to learn to open your mind’s eye is by being open-minded and allowing yourself to inquire into the nature of things that don’t seem to follow the same rules that human and matter are bound.

Is your mind open? An open mind has open eyes.