Many people want to develop their psychic abilities, but few want to carve out time to learn it. The trouble is that we think of learning as something that requires willpower because learning is a chore and is inherently boring. The human brain is wired like many predators’ brains to seek out interaction and learn. If humans required external discipline and structures to learn, no one would have ever learned anything.

In reality, humans are born with a natural curiosity that drives them to learn. We call this “play,” and unfortunately in many cultures, we think that play and learning are two distinct things.

Most people are born with psychic abilities, but even as children, they enhance those skills through play. Here are some small games you can play through the day to learn to trust your instinct and strengthen your psychic skills:

What color? game: Imagine something you see fairly regularly but could change color fairly regularly. Perhaps you work in an office building that gets new floral bouquets every week. Try to guess what color you’ll see the next time you see the thing.

Who’s calling/texting? game: Similar to the What Color? Game, you guess who’s calling or texting you. Of course, nowadays, the answer is probably “telemarketer” if it’s a phone call, so try guessing texts instead. This works best if you text a variety of people, of course.

Where is it? game?: This one is a bit more advanced. Think of something fairly unique, like an object in a particular color, or an item you might buy in a store. Don’t think of where you could get it, but rather just the item. For example, think of a royal blue tea kettle. Imagine it in your mind so it’s burnt in your memory. Be on the look out for a royal blue tea kettle in your travels. When you see it, will it be like the one you imagined?