Most psychic work is done in silence or near silence. Since ears can't be shut off and the reptilian part of the human brain will always listen on some level, silence is best for optimal concentration.

But in today's world, that's almost impossible for many. City life means a constant hum, as does most living situations. The architecture of "open space," and a culture where we are always expected to be plugged in and available will get in the way. This, some turn to music to drown out the din of the world.

But the music you choose is important. Too loud and too complicated not only distracts the listener, but only te ideas and emotions in their mind. Imagine trying to do intuitive work while listening to any sort of loud music like rock, rap, or dance. The beats alone would throw you off and the lyrics would alter your emotional state. Even classical music can do this. This is because music activates the same parts of the brain that are used for psychic work, causing competition and overload. 

If you must listen to music, try ambient music. Ambient music, for example, is intended to not be too complicated or demand too much attention in order to allow the listener to focus on something else. 

Not all ambient music is truly ambient music. Often, New Age and modern classical music are incorrectly labeled as ambient. True ambient music is nearly imperceptible when one is focused on a task. Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports is a prime example. Try listening to it while going about your day. It's calming, but you're not actively aware that you're listening to music.