Sometimes, people ask me how you can tell if someone is a psychic. After all, if they’re not correct 100% of the time, they can’t be psychic, right? I had an interesting experience with a woman, “Kate,” whom I can only describe as being a born hater. Kate hated on everything; anyone who was unique or did their own thing, she’d hate on them. She wasn’t my friend, actually, but a co-worker whom I couldn’t escape because she worked on the same team.

One day, Kate asked me to do a tarot reading for her. We were in the break room, and there were others nearby. Her particular thing against me was that I had the audacity to say that I’m psychic, as if this is all roses. It just happens. For example, even though someone may give you hell, you can still do an accurate tarot reading for them. They may not like it, and they may deny it, but the universe doesn’t care what someone thinks of themselves.

Here’s a hint: it’s not a wise idea to ask for a psychic reading about your job while you're at work. Of course, if you don’t believe and you’re goal is to try to humiliate the psychic…

Wouldn’t you believe it? Clear as day, what shows up to represent the present but Death, and for the future, the Hermit. I took this to mean that Kate wasn’t going to be working with us much longer. She accused me of trying to intimidate her. For the next two weeks, she left me know that she thought I was a fraud every time she spoke to me. And every time she spoke to everyone else, protesting adamantly that I was wrong.

One day about two weeks after the reading, Kate just never showed up again.

It turns out that she had been using the corporate credit as her personal goodies maker, and at the time I did the tarot reading, accounting was trying to figure out exactly who on our team was going on shopping sprees.

So, how can you tell if someone is psychic? I wish I knew what happened to Kate so you could ask her. I guess if they scare you on some level, you know.